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ABCOM Electronics Equipments Trading L.L.C occupies a leading position in the U.A.E. supplying and servicing Construction Equipment and Spare Parts, Industrial Plant Equipment, Irrigation Equipment, and Refrigerator and Cold Storage Equipment to a diverse range of industries and commercial undertakings covering the construction civil engineering, industrial manufacturing, oil & gas, landscaping , mining and warehousing sectors.

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Activ-Ox Foam Clean – Cooling Tower CIP Pack Cleaning

Accepta Activ-Ox® Foam Cleaning

As part of our extensive range of Disinfection & Chemical Cleaning products, Accepta has developed a range of high-cling foam cleaning products and techniques to chemically clean awkwardly-shaped or difficult-to-access industrial equipment.

Our high-cling foam cleaners include acid products for descaling and alkaline products for removing organic fouling and general soiling. We also incorporate Activ-Ox®, our patented chlorine dioxide system to provide powerful surface disinfection and biofilm removal.

Our foam cleaning products provide targeted cleaning and disinfection, ensuring the active chemical is held just where it is needed to give the maximum effect with the minimum amount of chemical, keeping costs down and protecting the environment.

Cooling Tower Cleaning

We have pioneered the in-situ cleaning of cooling tower packing using an-Ox®cleaning process. It is not always practical to completely remove the packing and even when it is the question remains how do you then clean it.

For light to moderate fouling in-situ cleaning with Activ-Ox foam followed by a thorough inspection and photographic condition report is the ideal way to demonstrate compliance with current Legionella control regulations as a practical alternative to pack removal in the tower cleaning procedure outlined in paragraph 138 of the UK Health and Safety Executives Approved Code of Practice L8, where it is not practical to remove the tower packing.

Although removal of the tower pack for cleaning is regarded as best practice by the HSE, alternative methods of cleaning the tower may be considered where there are practical difficulties in doing so. The efficacy of these alternative procedures must be verified.

  “developed as an alternative to pack removal in the tower cleaning procedure …”